RPM The Review of Popular Music

"The hardcopy version (ISSN 1028-9968) is the newsletter and journal of IASPM The International Association for the Study of Popular Music. To encourage international exchange and networking it consists of RPM itself and a review supplement Ex Omnibus Linguis.

RPM announces forthcoming conferences and calls for papers, reports on past meetings, mirrors some of the debates on IASPM's e-mail discussion list, publishes news from the academic, economic and music scene and features IASPM activities. The last international IASPM conference was Sydney/Australia: Changing Sounds (July 9-13, 1999). Read Will Straw's Closing Remarks.

Ex Omnibus Linguis reviews in English about essays and academic publications on Popular Music, published in other languages:
Winter issue: Essays
Summer issue: Books

Occasionally Ex Omnibus Linguis  also gives coverage to thesis & dissertations for BA's, MA's,  Diploma's, (unpublished) PhD's".

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