J. S. Bach

"A Message from Jan Hanford:
After 12 years of maintaining the J.S. Bach Home Page I've decided to stop accepting submissions of recordings and reviews of existing recordings to the database.  
When I started the J.S. Bach Home page in 1995, there was very little about Bach or his music on the web. In particular, lists of recordings and listener comments did not exist, so maintaining the "Recommended Recordings" section of the web site was both interesting and enjoyable.  
The web has changed a lot since 1995, and now there is a lot of information about J.S. Bach, for good or bad, as well as vast databases of recordings and listener reviews/comments, at places like eMusic, iTunes and amazon.com and the multitude of other music shopping web sites, including many record labels themselves.
I will keep the web site as is and all the existing recordings and reviews as an archive.
Thank you to everyone who submitted recordings and reviews to the J.S. Bach Home Page over the last 12 years!"
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