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Real Academia Livre de Música - Conservatório Interativo

  • The Royal Free Academy of Contemporary Music Performance (registered names: Free Academy of PMC-Interactive Conservatoire) is a NON-PROFIT Private Centre of Graduate Education. We offer Certificate Courses (University Extensions) and Graduate Certificate Courses by Distance and Online Tutoring. The Private Office is based in Portugal (Anadia, Aveiro) and it is maintained by the Board President, with an Honorary Patronage, a Board of Directors (Contemporary Music Experts) and a great monarquic Pool of Partners.

    We secure a supply of officially accredited higher education continuous training (at both graduate and non-graduate levels for teaching and non-teaching personnel) as well as the publication of books/e-books, journal editions, manuscripts and sheet music, used solely for educational purposes. The Entity has the IGAC Registrations of both Literary and Artistic Names (Portuguese Ministry of Culture) as ACADEMIA LIVRE DE PMC-CONSERVATÓRIO INTERATIVO@™ (A.L.PMC) and it is well established for Promoting and Advancing the Contemporary Music Performance (our Mission and Scope). We publish the Journal Research in 'PMC' ('Investigação em PMC') and the 'FLPMC' ('Coleções Faculdade Livre de Performance de Música Contemporânea'). Any course of study within the Popular Music Programme is always directed by the Academy's Pioneer Teaching Method 'Distance Tutorial & Video System (asynchronous)' in all concentrations offered with highly-regarded and high-quality course curriculum (syllabi) in Musical Education/Music, specially designed to be available to any trainee or graduate trainee at the national and international levels. It was in the Year of 2012, during his Post-Doctoral Research Residency, that Prof. Carlos Viegas obtained a Top University's Accreditation of the Curriculum/Syllabuses in Popular Music by Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) (Porto, Portugal). These courses are called 'lato sensu' Professional Development Certificates and Graduate Specialisations in Brazil. As an international organisation dedicated to musical literature and musical arts we possess all the necessary resources: administrative, editorial and educational, musical instruments and instructional softwares. The Academy's Mini-Library has more than 1,000 artistic, literary and scientific Items such as books, e-books, journals, manuscripts, CDs, DVDs, compositions, transcriptions and arrangements, from whose 521 are the Academy's Own Collections (FLPMC).

    Free Academy of PMC-Interactive Conservatoire

  • Professor Carlos Viegas
    Academia Livre de PMC-Conservatório Interativo (Centro Privado)

    Edifício Panorama bloco B 2º dto
    Avenida das Laranjeiras, 99
    3780-202 Anadia
    +351 92 21 47 654
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  • Centro Privado A Distância.
    Entidade formadora virtual de pós-graduação sem local aberto ao público.

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